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Kyoushi no Junzyou Seito no Yokubo
Principality of Zeon
Military Preparatory School

Ayakashi Koi Emaki
The Diamond of Heart
Ai wo Utauyori Ore ni Oborero!
Love Celeb

Kimi sae mo Ai no Kusari 
Akuma na Eros
SEXY Guardian  
Suki shite Sadist
Make Love shiyo!! 
Comic[Short story]
Comic DX version




An ordinary high school student Aine, who excels at Japanese, happens to meet Sakuya, the vocal of the hot rock band, Lucifer. Aine becoming the songwriter of the band, Sakuya and Aine start to love each other.... Mayu Shinjo's masterpiece, the passionate love story of a celebrity and an ordinary girl that everyone envies of.
KaikanPhrase Renewal version[Comics complete in 17 volume]

Shogakukan Sho-Comi Flower Comics.
Price (including tax): 410 yen.
KaikanPhrase [Comics complete in 17 volume] 
Shogakukan Sho-Comi Flower Comics.
Price (including tax): 410 yen.
The series ran in: Shoujo Comic Vol.3 1997 - Vol.22 2000

KaikanPhrase Special Episode

The world's top rock band Aucifer makes a triumphant return to Japan! For Aine, this is the first time to come back to Japan since their wedding, which was held a year ago. But guess where Sakuya is going to stay? He's staying at Aine's parents' house!! Sakuya has gone along to his wife's return visit to her home. Sakuya can't keep his usual pace because of Aine's parents presence, and seeing Sakuya like that Aine does...!? This collection includes a 31-pages long specially written short story. This is a must read special episode!!
Also including
"Sorekara no KaikanPhrase (newly written)"
"Side Seat de daite (Appeared on Shoujo Comic Vol.1 2002)"
"Summer Days Seventeen (Appeared on the supplement book of Shoujo Comic Vol.17 2000)"
Shogakukan Sho-Comi Flower Comics Published on 24th Apr 2003
Price (including tax): 410 yen. ISBN4091377300
The story appeared on Shoujo Comic Vol.1 2003
Comic DX Version
KaikanPhrase [Comics complete in 6 volume] 
Novel, CD, anime, and the band "Lucifer" actually been formed in the real world. The deluxe version of Kaikan Phrase, a manga which once became the social phenomenon.
Published on 24th Apr 2003
Price (including tax): 690 yen. ISBN4091387241
KaikanPhrase Special Episode -90-nichi no Densetsu-
Sakuya Ookouchi appears from a red Ferrari which was pulled up alongside the central office of Grazer Company, the USA's top media company. About 20 hours have gone since Sakuya parted with his lover, Aine. Sakuya has come to New York alone to learn Economics under the direction of his father, the chief executive of the company. To take back Aine from Ralf, Sakuya overcomes the reunion with his father whom Sakuya really hates. Then his hateful father gives Sakuya the post of vice president of the company which controls the property sector of the Grazer. Sakuya makes big success with his out-of-this-world ideas without respect to his incompetent boss.... Nearly having an affair with a beautiful secretary and a daughter of the boss, his "secret 90 days" devoting himself to the world of business in USA is now revealed!!
Published on 1st Dec 1999 Price (including tax): 490 yen. ISBN4094212418
KaikanPhrase Special Episode -Hong Kong Kyoushikyoku-

Lucifer departs for their first concert tour in Hong Kong. With Yuka, Aine goes to Hong Kong separately from the members. In between their busy schedule, Atsuro asks Aine to come along with him to buy a ring for Yuka. They go to shopping without telling anyone, but then unexpectedly they are kidnapped by some unknown guys. Apparently Atsuro took a picture of a situation that is inconvenient for them.... At the same time, Sakuya and everyone else are looking for Aine and Atsuro desperately. The day of their concert comes close, but they can't count on Hong Kong police so Sakuya uses his contact he made in New York to find the criminal.... And there, a beautiful lady who is a boss of Hong Kong mafia, calling herself as "Female Panther of Hong Kong", is waiting for Sakuya, and she seduces Sakuya and...!?
Published on 25th July 2000 Price (including tax): 490 yen. ISBN4094212426
Mayu Shinjo's illustration book which gathered illustrations of "Kaikan Phrase". Newly-drawn poster and a talk with Lucifer are not to be missed.
Published on 5th Oct 2000 Price (including tax): 1885 yen. ISBN4091997910
KaikanPhrase Special Episode -Ao no Meikyu-
Members of Aucifer enjoy their holiday in Dobai, a Middle Eastern resort place. After that, Sakuya, Aine, TOWA and Santa go onto the luxury liner "Hekiyou no Jyoou-gou". But a serious accident occurs near Canary Islands. The terrorist group, whose leader is Cail a tall handsome guy with brownish-red skin, has taken the control of the liner!! Cail was keeping an eye on Aine from when they were in Dobai, and he kidnaps Aine to a 1st class cabin. Cail has given Aine some drug, and Aine is made to make love with Cail in front of Sakuya...!? And Sakuya comes under pressure to do Russian roulette with Cail, betting the lives of Aine and all the passengers of the liner!! In front of the other members, Sakuya puts a hand gun on his temple. Sakuya's life is in danger!! Aine's body is in danger!!
Published on 26th Nov 2001 Price (including tax): 490 yen. ISBN4094212434
KaikanPhrase Special Episode -Owarinaki Shinwa-
Sakuya has promised "To get to the top" before Takayama's tomb. Now under the direction of Mr. Howard whom Takayama, before he dies, has asked to produce Aucifer in New York, Aucifer starts moving aiming to become a top of the whole USA!! Aine too wanting to become the right woman for Sakuya, she starts her job as an assistant of Jeremy, a 17-year old male vocalist. When just everyone was thinking that everything is going to work out well, Yuki drops out of Aucifer. As a member of Jeremy's band, Yuki now becomes Aucifer's rival!? And as Aine and Sakuya lead a life in New York, a huge ditch starts to appear between them.... Full of ups and downs on the way to the top of the USA, Aucifer's 2 years are now revealed!!
Published on 3rd June 2003 Price (including tax): 490 yen. ISBN4094212450
KaikanPhrase Special Episode -Engage Song-
Members of Aucifer and Aine go to Italy for photo shoots. Between the shoots, Sakuya and Aine enjoys "Roman Holiday" but there comes an emergency phone call from Takayama. He says that a 12-year old boy Tony, who is a darling of the classic music world known as having angel's voice, is going to sing "Love Melody" at an opera concert, and he has invited Aucifer to an evening party of European social circles. Taking this invitation as a letter of challenge, in their evening suits, members of Aucifer go into a gorgeous party where gentlemen and ladies come together. And there, Aine meets an elegant young man of platinum-blond hair who seems to be of high status. This young man falls in love with Aine at first sight and he plots to take Aine away from Sakuya?! So Sakuya now fights for love for Aine risking his musical life...!!
Published on 3rd June 2003 Price (including tax): 490 yen. ISBN4094212450
Video DVD
KaikanPhrase [complete in 11 volume] 
The 11-volume video of the anime "Kaikan Phrase" which received the high popularity on TV Tokyo group. The Lucifer images which you can find only on this video series are must watch.
Released from Pony Canyon Shougakukan Video
KaikanPhrase Reincarnation
from Frontier Works
Released on : 22th Nov 2011
KaikanPhrase VISUALISM
from Pony Canyon Massive Records
Released on : 15th Mar 2000 Price (including tax): 2756 yen. ASIN:B00005FR0O
KaikanPhrase Original Sound Track
The sound world of TV anime "KAIKAN Phrase" produced by Ken Morioka is now here....
from Pony Canyon Massive Records
Released on : 16th Feb 2000 Price (including tax): 2756 yen

This CD is of the time when the band name was still Lucifer. And this CD has also appeared on Oricon album CD ranking. Aine's lyrics has now got a melody!! The vocal is Takehito Koyasu, a voice actor. It's a gorgeous CD including voice dramas as well.
Released from PolyGram Released on: 15th Apr 1998
Price (including tax): 2501 yen. ASIN:B00005FN0L